ACQUAMAT 447is a laser-cut micromolecular liquid flatting abrasive compound with tecnologically advances raw materials. This compound is water soluble and can be diluted simply with water; is wax and silicone free. It makes surfaces to be repainted opaque (without scratching), and serves as a good base for new paint during the touch up phase. It is perfect for all paint types, whether new or paint that has been damaged by atmospheric agents (dried, opaque paint). ACQUAMAT 447is an excellent alternative to similar abrasive products. It can be washed away completely with water, so that after painting over, no bubbles form due to humidity. It is a quick yield product with no haze. May be applied by hand with a damp pad as well as by machine. (300-600 rpm)

447 ACQUAMAT 1 Litre Green

SKU: 447.1000.12