471 ACQUALUX can be used like “Lubricant” for decontamination disc “Polydisk”. Thanks to its formula it enlarges Polydisk’s-life (it works over more then 100 cars). 471 ACQUALUX thanks to its polymer it gives a very high gloss and good protection against weathering contaminations. 471 ACQUALUX is used for the protection treatment of painted surfaces, gelcoats, plastics, rubbers, polycarbonate and thanks to its antistatic properties it works like a dust repellent. 471 ACQUALUX is used like dashboard polish and thanks to its properties doesn’t attract dust. 471 ACQUALUX is used like Waterless Car Wash because thanks to its formula it doesn’t leave any scratch washing the car. ADVANTAGES: Strengthening increase in paint gloss, hydrophobicity and protection against oxidation, Ultra-violet rays, acidic rain, three resins and even insects. 471 Acqualux helps to mask holograms on the cars. It protects the car from abrasion.

471 Fluid Shine 5 Litre

SKU: 471.5000.03