If you think the team at DeVilbiss Automotive Refinish is made up of cutting edge designers and precision engineers, you would be right. But there’s much more to our success than that. Every one of us that makes up the DeVilbiss team is actively involved in the automotive refinish industry and we know precisely what you, the professional automotive refinisher, demands to remain at the top of your game. PROCESS EFFICIENCY Today, process efficiency is the key and pro painters need to have a range of spray guns to hand, set up specifically for primers, topcoats and clears. You can increase efficiency and reduce process times and you’ve told us, colour coding makes identification of individual spray guns for different materials and applications, fast and efficient. INTELLIGENT ATOMISATION In addition to the technical upgrades incorporated in the latest i-system Pro range of spray guns, such as lightweight aluminium components, the Pro range benefits from the latest DeVilbiss Intelligent Atomisation technology, providing versatility and performance, through a range of fluid flow rates to apply every popular automotive refinish material, virtually regardless of climatic conditions and material viscosities. CLEAR COLOUR CODING We have introduced two new colours to the GTi Pro LITE range, with a vibrant blue and the ultra tough, black “Quick Clean” coating, which together with the standard gold finish have enabled us to harmonise the colours with the full size GTi Pro to create a new i-System Pro spray gun family. Identification of guns set up for different applications has never been so easy. FUNCTIONALITY WITH ERGONOMICS The new DeVilbiss i-System Pro platform combines functionality with ergonomics, to provide professionals like you with the ultimate automotive refinish spray gun programme. With no laser marking, whatever materials you are using, from wet on wet systems to high performance clears, you can set up and colour code your guns for optimum efficiency

GTI PROLITE GRAVITY GUN & CUP, BLUE 1.2mm &1.3mm TE10 aircap